Tinder: 8 tips for using the favorite singles app

During the month of October, a light came to light the end of the tunnel for the 16 million French singles. Tinder, the app that allows you to schedule “dates” from Monday to Sunday, has landed. After a few weeks of testing and concrete experiments, assessment and advice to optimize your Tinder-life.

1. Come back every day

Tinder is a bit like H & M, it’s cheap (free of charge), there are plenty of choices, but to really find the nuggets, you have to go there often. The turn-over is running at full speed, and the new guys are shoveling out … And on Sunday night in front of TF1, there’s no better way to get a little zipping Tinder to cheer up.

2. Know how to sell yourself, but not too much

Obviously, we have all selected two or three photos on which we feel objectively, really not badly, even canon. Black and white with a buddy photographer, tanned in the summer with a smile enamel diamond . What guy would not like this pretty girl? But be careful not to overstep yourself, you will undoubtedly accumulate the “matches”, but on the first date , a 13 January with pale complexion and pockets under your eyes, you risk disappointing the gallant who recruited you .

3. Trust the Tinders

The users of Tinder are rather reliable, and very few fake are to be counted. So do not suspect all your pretenders of zoophilia or procuring : it is good to be careful, but the interrogation at the beginning of the chat will cool more than one. If you want to be reassured by the provenance of the merchandise, trust the friends in common that you have on Facebook , which in bonus will give you a topic to engage the conversation #IRL. For the record, a friend liked the profile of a certain Elie Semoun , who turned out to be the real one.This date has just allowed him to meet all the French actors of the moment around a scoop!

4. Go ahead franco

On Tinder it is necessary to start in a very direct way so that the match leads to a date (“Dispo when to have a drink?”), Otherwise the conversation is prolonged and runs out until a new match is notified and That we want to move on. For that is the real trap on Tinder: the luxury of choice. Do not make too much difficulty, that’s how we lose all the prey that we let simmer one by one. If a match really inspires you, feel a potential, suggest a date within two or three days maximum.

5. Blacklist certain profiles

This Tip # 5 is worth sharing with all Tindermens. Some photos of male profile are to be banished because too kitsch, vulgar, pathetic or all three at the same time: photo before the Eiffel Tower (apparently they have given themselves the word to prove that they live well in the capital), photo torso Nude, photo type mannequin Kooples, photo with children, photo with girl canon, wedding photo!

6. Try matchmaking

The first few weeks, you will be able to accumulate the matches as fast as the Monoprix points, and you will jealously guard your pretty hearts in your cell phone. But you know that you will not be able to date all of them , so think of the girlfriends and play the matchmakers with the matchmaking function (you propose to two people to match because you think they would like), they will return it well .

7. Do not Believe in Long-Term Promises

Tinder plays the role of the kick you need to get started, and that will keep you from having to go out and drink three times a week to make lots of encounters. But it is a tool designed and created by the generation Y , generation of the digital ATAWAD (anytime, anywhere, any device) and the instantaneous: one week, in Internet language it is a light year. See you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but do not believe the little Danish who promises to come back next week.

8. Move a little

Sorry for the provincials, but the choice of singles is much larger in Paris and the big cities, and obviously also applies to Tinder. Leave yourself a chance and go for a city trip, because in the village of Montcuq (Midi-Pyrenees), the Tindermen do not jostle.

Thanks to the testers of Tinder who will recognize themselves (and who have become addicted) for their edifying testimonies.


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