FIFA 17: Sweeper trick for better defense

In FIFA 17 after all the years a defense trick has dived, which is actually longer in the game, but was rarely used by players. With the Sweeper, you can change your formation so that the attackers are often plastered away and you can concentrate on counter attacks. We’ll show you how the Sweeper works.

Theoretically, the Sweeper has been part of FIFA for a long time. However, it has gone a little bit before the YouTuber  GemsGS has dealt somewhat more closely with it. This has declared the  hidden position in the formation , and since then, many players are excited about the improved defense in the game. Hacking FIFA 17 to get free coins and points has never been this easy. However, the trick does not work in FUT mode

The Sweeper in FIFA 17 – Defense trick in detail

The secret behind the sweeper lies in the settings of your formation. You can change your  internal defenders, so they can clear all attackers directly. Set the position “Libero”  (Sweeper) for the players  . You can do this with the Rectangle or X button using the “Adjust Position” function  . The correct abbreviation for the Sweeper is  LIB  or  SW , if you should play in English.

FIFA 17 Libero Formation
How to activate the Sweeper in FIFA 17.

Your Libero will now be behind your own defense chain and try to capture as many  passports as possible. The trick is that you can now be heavier with long passports and can not get into dangerous running duels. Once you’ve got used to the Sweeper, he’ll cover you perfectly. However, try to get on the formation knot before daring daring in duels with friends.

This is the video tutorial on the Sweeper from GemsGS:

No Sweeper in FUT

Unfortunately, the Libero position does not work for the FUT mode. You can only modify the offensive behavior when you change positions. However, it is possible in the  online seasons , which is why you must make sure that other players use the Sweeper against you. The popular  offline kick-off mode also supports Sweeper. So try to get your friends out with the trick on the palm. And if you always wished to get free coins and points for fifa 17 you can visit here


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Tips and tricks – effect damage, deck construction, card dealer

Over 700 cards and numerous characters from the popular series offers you Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links for your smartphone. If you are not familiar with the classical collecting card game, you have to learn a lot at the beginning. But also professionals will notice that the game offers some changes to the original. We will show you tips and tricks for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links.

The Mobile Game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel left is waiting with plenty of strategy and tactics . The rules are adapted to the duel variant and deviate from the original. For this reason, we want you with this advice guide to facilitate entry into the trading card game . Here we explain to you what you have to pay attention to in the deck construction , what you need the card traders and what can cause effect damage. Do you have more tips about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links ready? Then write us a comment under this article.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to play

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links is only slightly different from the original card game. In principle, you have a deck of a maximum of 30 cards . They consist of monsters, spells and traps. You can play against real players or an AI. In any case, every duelhas  4,000 life pointsEach round, you can only place one monster on the field. However, you can place as many as you can per turn of the magic and fall cards – the field number is, of course, your limit. Monsters can be played in two positions:

  • Attack Position (Normal Summon): The monster is at the front and either directly attacks the opponent unless it has monsters on the field, or deals damage to the monster of the opponent.
  • Defense Position : Place your monster face down on the field face to face with you.

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If a monster is in the Defense, you will not be harmed – even if the damage that is inflicted is higher than the DEF value of your monster. In the attack position the difference is taken. Example 1: Your opponent uses a monster with an attack value of 1,200. You have a monster on the field, which is in the defense and has a defensive value of 1,000. The enemy creature destroys your monster, but you do not damage it. Example 2: Your opponent uses the same monster with an attack value of 1,200. Your monster with 1,000 is on target. The opposing creature not only destroys your monsters, but also personally draws 200 life points (1,200 – 1,000 = 200).
With our tips you win every duel.
With our tips you win every duel.

The monster cards have different stars. Click on them to see the number. The number of stars also usually shows how strong a monster is. You should pay attention to the number:

  • Up to 4 Stars: You can summon the monster normally
  • 5 to 6 Stars: This is a Tribute Summon. You must sacrifice a monster as a tribute. This monster must be on the field.
  • 7 and more Stars: This is also called Tribute Summoning – but for these powerful monsters, you must sacrifice two creatures on your own field.
What is the effect damage? These brownish cards add damage to the opponent – but not just fights. The effect causes the damage when you play the card.

Incidentally, incidental cards are first placed face-down on the field. If you give the train to your opponent, you can play it out. For example, you can place 3 traps and activate the one that best supports your turn in the situation. Magic cards are greenand case cards pink.

Note the stars of a monster. Special strong creatures need a tribute.
Note the stars of a monster. Special strong creatures need a tribute.

Some monsters have special effects that can be found on Yu-Gi-Oh! Flip effects . A flip Summon is the process when you place a monster from the hidden defense into the attack position . After this change, the flip effect is activated. This type is a special incantation. Each round, you can change the monsters into the attack or defense mode.

Characters and abilities in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links

At the beginning of the mobile game you have to choose between two characters. At level 15 , you release the other. Play the tutorial, if you have never been dealing with Yu-Gi-Oh. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links there are several characters you can unlock . This is also told you relatively early in the game. Go to the gate and click on it. Here you can let legendary duelists appear and activate with appropriate release conditions . In addition, you can challenge various duelists here . To do this, you need some items – such as keys .

In this overview you will find all the abilities you have already shown.
In this overview you will find all the abilities you have already shown.

You get these items after a fight or something in the world. Just click on the yellow exclamation marks that appear everywhere. After a click you get gold, precious stones or even keys. Note, however, that they are available in different colors . You can buy these items for gold at the card dealer.

What else can you buy for gold? This question often appears in the app’s global chat. With Gold you buy Level 7 cards or special items from the dealer. He then appears in front of the shop.

You can get any character up to level 30 . At every step increase, you receive rewards – these are cards, precious stones, or a new deck slot. The latter requires you to create different decks per character. The legendary duelists also have specific abilities. This can be magic cards which are permanently on the field (and can also be destroyed with other cards) or also LP increases. Joey Wheeler switches the LP Boost α to level 3 . Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack Cheats Tool  is the thing you want to generate unlimited resources for the game. This gives you 1.000 LP more at the beginning of each duel and starts with 5,000 LP .

Here you can set abilities for the appropriate deck.
Here you can set abilities for the appropriate deck.

To view the abilities of your unlocked characters , choose your character at the bottom right of the main screen. Below you can see all the duelists you have already unlocked. Under the description of the character, you will also find all the rewards that await you at the level-up. If you now want to activate a skill, do the following:

  1. Go to the map studio.
  2. Select here to view and change decks (Deck Editor).
  3. Now tap your favorite slot and look in the upper right corner.
  4. Here is your chosen ability. To change them ultimately, change their deck to change .
  5. Select the box next to the displayed number of cards in your Main and Extra Deck.

What can I find where? Building in the app

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links there are 4 places you can visit. To do this, you can either wipe your finger from side to side or click on the different buildings at the bottom of the screen. On the left you will find the gate. Here you can unlock your legendary duelists. You can also find the Duellschule here. At school, you can complete a quiz in three stages. If you want to earn many precious stones , we advise you to complete this quiz. In the Duellschule, you can also play with blankets and try out new tactics.

In the PvP Arena, you can hand off friendships.
In the PvP Arena, you can hand off friendships.

If you now wipe to the right, you come to the PvP Arena , which is unlocked with a higher level. Here, challenge your friends or play against other players around the world. If you know how to fight, you can watch the duel repeats of epic battles. With a click on friend duel, you ask friends.

How to play with friends:

  • Click on Friendships in the PvP Arena and find a friend from the list.
  • If you first want to add a friend in the app, you need its ID. You can also search for the friend’s name. To avoid confusion, we recommend entering the ID.
  • You can alternatively challenge your friend by clicking on your profile on the main screen. Choose friends now and find the appropriate mate.
  • Now choose Friend duel and click again on your friend to challenge him.
  • Your buddy will now receive a notification that is in place of the global chat. To take it, you must click on the PvP Arena and click on it. Then he also chooses to request a friend duel .
Click on this button if you want to challenge a friend or accept an invitation.
Click on this button if you want to challenge a friend or accept an invitation.

To get to the shop and to the dealer , you have to wipe right. In the shop you get booster packs as soon as you have enough precious stones. If you want to know what is waiting for you in the various booster packs, simply click on the desired one and scroll down. Here you will find all the cards which might be in the purchased package. You receive 3 cards per package. In addition you can buy in the shop Duellkgeln, which strengthen your Duellsignal.

What are Duellkugeln and booted Duellkugeln? Every now and then, you will get duel balls. There are bubbling Duellkugeln in the shop. In the main screen, you can see how many duellists appear in the world. As soon as you fight against them, they disappear and it takes a few minutes until some of them appear again. Put your duel balls, you can now again show Duellanten. Standard are 5 NPCs in the world – this number is restored with 10 balls. With boiled duel balls regularly standard duellants appear for 60 minutes.
Scroll down to see all the cards in the booster pack.
Scroll down to see all the cards in the booster pack.

The last screen is the map studio. Here you can change your deck or convert cards into gold . If you want to change your card cover or play mat, you can do this here. In addition, you can find a way to post your deck or to view the deck of other players to take tactics from other duelists.

Deck construction, battery consumption and automatic view

In the deck construction you should make some thoughts. It is important that you do not take too many traps and magic cards . We recommend selecting 20 creatures as well as 10 Trap and Spell Cards. Of the monsters, only 2 to 3 creatures should have 5 or more stars. If you use them, you can quickly clear your field because of the tribute. More tips about the game:

  • If you have double cards , you should exchange them. Even cards that you do not want can be converted into gold, stones and precious stones. Go to the map studio and then tap on the card catalog to get to the exchange.
  • Every duel will cost you a try. The number of attempts you see in the upper left half of the screen. If you level, fill the number again. So level up wisely – best when your attempts are exhausted.
  • In any case, complete the Duel Quizze, which are unlocked with level 4. Once you have completed, you will receive new cards for your Deck, such as the “Block Attack” card, which forces the opponent’s monster to change the position from attack to defense.
Here you can see the number of duelists that you see the Duel World.
Here you can see the number of duelists that you see the Duel World.
  • We recommend the automatic control in combat. If the AI ​​duelists are much weaker than you, you do not have to play them yourself. However, if you play Yu-Gi-Oh for the first time, you should play to see the effect of all the effects, especially the different cards.
  • In the battle, you can change the view by clicking on the camera on the left. So you get a better overview of the field and the battery consumption drops.
Monsters fight in the front row when they are in attack.
Monsters fight in the front row when they are in attack.

After each duel your performance will be evaluated. Each 1,000 points you receive a reward, which is distributed in the form of keys, cards and precious stones. To increase this score, you can also try the following actions:

action score
5, 7, or 10 monsters 100, 200 or 300
Special Summon 100
Use shiny card 100
Activate the magic card 100 (only once)
Activate the case card 100 (only once)
Tribute Summon 300
Fusion Summon 400
Ritual Summon 400
No harm was lost 500
+3,000 damage with an attack 500
Lose the duel 1,000
+5,000 damage with an attack 1,800
Duel win 2,000
Opponent loses by card death 2100
Fast victory (victory after 2 moves) 2,500
+9.999 damage with an attack 3,000

If your battery is too fast, you can adjust the power consumption of the app . Click on the settings in the main screen (gear top right). If you turn down the consumption, the performance could be a bit more jerky – but the app still works perfectly.